Welcome to Bali

Bali is one of 17.560 island of the Indonesian archipelago. Since more than 11.000 of them are inhabited, if you were to visit one island per day, you would go back home in thirty years, one month and seventeen days (or so...), So, I'm really glad that you came here first! Like most island, Bali has its own dialect, but since the independence of our country, Indonesia, in 1945, we not only have a beautiful flag, red at the top and white at the bottom, we also have a national language, the Bahasa Indonesia. At home, we speak Balinese, we learn it from our parents before we are old enough to go to school. Then our teachers teach us Indonesian. So we are all bilingual! What about you, do you speak another language?

Indonesia is very spread out and also densely populated: more than 245 million inhabitants, which make us the fourth most populated country in the world; where as in Bali,we are barely just over 3 million! At its longest point Bali is only 150 kilometers long, and 70 at its widest. So I must admit that my island is rather small, especially when you compare it to java, where Jakarta, the capital of our country is located; but you'll see, you've come to the right place just like our language, we have our very own religion and culture!

Let me be your guide!