Eating the wind

We are very friendly people, and very happy that our visitors are interested in our culture and traditions. We are also rather curious and we love children, so don't be surprised if people talk to you on the street. We always ask one another: "where are you going": mau kemana, a bit like you would say: "how are you", without really waiting for the answer. Besides, we frequently answer "makan angin", which literally means, in Indonesian, "eating the wind", just like you would say, "getting some fresh air", and the one who asked the question is perfectly happy with that.

There are four ways of greeting someone, according to what time it is. You always begin with Selamat, then in the morning you add pagi: from 11 am to 2 pm, siang, then in the afternoon, sore; and finally, in the evening malam... There also two ways of saying goodbye! The one who is not leaving says. Selamat jalan (have a safe journey), and the other one, who is leaving, answers Selamat tinggal (stay well). But you can just say, Hello and Goodbye, everybody knows that! 

People will also ask you: "Dari mana?" (Where do you comebfrom?) and "Namanya siapa?" (What's your name?)

By the way, I completely forgot to introduce myself! My name is Ketut Edi , my older sister is called Nyoman Suwarni. But even
our first and last names deserve an explanation!

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