In each family, no common last name!

It might seem astonishing but my sister and I don't have the same last name. That's because there are no actual family names here. Our parents are the ones who decide on our individual last names, but they wait, at least three months before giving them to us. That gives them enough time to get to know us, and have a better idea of who we are.

Some children are given names according to the way they look. I have a friend who is called Apple because he is very fat. If our looks don't inspire anything in particular, our parents can also make up their minds according to the circumstances of our birth, or the qualities they would like us to have.

One of my friend called Dharma, which means "good", and my cousin is called Murniati, which means "pure heart". Had they preferred that I was very smart, they would have called me Samarta or Pradnyana. And had they wished my sister to have a calm nature, they would have called her Santi. And had they thought about themselves a bit more, they would have called her Dharmi or Susilawati, so that she would be as nice as I am